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To love and provide our students the opportunity to experience salvation and discipleship in a Christ-centered environment of academic excellence conducive to developing educated citizens with a Biblical World-view who are prepared to represent the Lord Jesus Christ in all walks of life.

It is our ministry to prepare young people, in a safe and nurturing environment, to make ethical and moral choices over their lifetimes.

The GBCS Campus

  • GBCS is located in Clinton, Maryland on a 17-acre campus situated in southern Prince George\’s County.

  • The GBCS campus was purchased in 1984 from the Prince George\’s County Board of Education.

  • In its 80+ years of history it has been a public high school and a public middle school.

  • The school has 40 classrooms, two gyms, a performance center, a large playground and a cafeteria.

  • The building is able to accommodate 800+ students in grades K3 to 12.

  • The classrooms include 2 computer labs, a middle school wing, a science wing and a Discovery wing.

  • GBCS school is a thirty-minute drive east of the nation’s capital.

  • The area’s rich American history allows our students and teachers to visit key historical sites in less than an hour at little or no cost.

Christian Education

  • Christian education involves the whole person; it is desirable that all elements which bear on the education of a student properly reinforce one another.

  • GBCS exists to educate children of Christian parents; therefore, it is important that a Christian school be supported by Christian families and the local church.

  • The school’s purpose is not to replace the training of the home and the church, but rather to complement them.

  • This means that all three should be in Biblical agreement regarding the education of the child.

  • Therefore, it is necessary that all parents agree with the mission, philosophy and educational goals of the school.