Summer Activities

Here are some suggestions as to what to do this summer

(This is a work in progress, so we will be adding more suggestions later. If you have any that you want to add, please send them to us at

  1. Help out at home.

    • Cut the grass

    • do the dishes

    • clean your room

    • make your bed each day

    • help with washing and folding the clothes

    • clean out the refrigerator

    • take the trash out

    • vacuum the floors

    • and most importantly, help your parents and/or guardians with whatever they may need

    • HINT: Offer your help

  2. Take time to organize your notes from your classes.

    • You might need to use these later, and you might even want to review them later, so keeping them together might be a good idea

  3. Participate in specialized high school programs offered by:

  4. Summer Camps

  5. Take a free online class

  6. Online courses that charge a fee and/or offer a free trial

  7. Volunteer in your community

    • Help at a food donation bank

    • Volunteer visiting residents at a nursing home

    • Help feeding animals at an animal shelter (my son did this, and he loved it)

    • Do a service project, such as Habitat for Humanity (Habitat for Humanity is a global nonprofit Christian housing organization)

    • Volunteer with your library

  8. Apply for internships

    • An internship is a structured opportunity to work (usually unpaid) at a company, lab, or non-profit organization for a set amount of time

    • The opportunities for internships are out there

    • Here is one locator source I found

  9. Start your SAT or ACT test prep

  10. Make college visits

    • Now that you have some free time, plan your college visits

    • Take a college road trip with your friends or family, or even virtually visit some campuses on YouTube

  11. Participate in visual arts classes or camps

  12. Learn programming or study STEM topics

  13. Be an entrepreneur

    • Ask friends, family, and neighbors if the have any work for you, such as babysitting or lawn-mowing

    • Start your own business

  14. Plan for next year

    • Now is the best time to write down the lessons you learned this year to prepare you for next year

    • Think about the colleges you might want to go to

    • If you’re an entering senior, start working on college applications

    • Connect with teachers to ask for advice on college recommendations

  15. Plan activities that will make admission to college easier

    • Community service

    • Start a business

    • Take classes

    • Attend college programs for high school students

    • Spend the summer abroad

    • Intern

    • Get a local job

    • Help out a nonprofit

    • Work at a summer camp

    • Make college connections

    • Create an online presence

    • What Are Your Goals for the Future?

  16. Take care of yourself

    • Get enough sleep

    • Exercise

    • Find out what foods are good for you, and eat right

  17. Learn a new skill