What tools will my child be using?

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Google Classroom

Teachers will be posting announcements, resources and assignments in Google Classroom. Students should login to their Google Classrooms regularly. Students will receive an invitation for each of their teacher’s Google Classrooms, if they are not already in them.

Google Meet or Zoom

Teachers may host live video sessions to provide instruction or to check-in with students using Google Meet or Zoom.

  • If you do not give your child permission to participate in video conferencing, email your child’s teacher to request information on the opt-out process.

  • Alternatively, you can choose to turn off the video option or cover your webcam.

  • Students can also watch previously recorded videos.

  • Your child’s teacher will provide guidance on which tool (Google Meet and/or Zoom) they will be using.

  • To use Google Meet, students must be signed into their GBCS Google Account.

Google Meet Guide for Parents/Students

  1. Go to meet.google.com (or choose Meet from the nine dots in the upper right in Chrome)

  2. Click Use a meeting code.

  3. Enter the nickname the teacher provided and click continue.

  4. Mute yourself before joining the meeting.

  5. Click Join Now.

Zoom Guide for Parents & Students

  1. Go to https://zoom.us/ .

  2. Click Sign In.

  3. Enter your GBCS username and password.

  4. In a new tab, go to your class in Google Classroom.

  5. Find the post about your Zoom meeting. Copy the Meeting ID and Password or click the Meeting link (if there is one skip to step 9 below).

  6. Return to the browser tab where you logged into Zoom.

  7. Click the Join a Meeting link.

  8. Enter the Meeting ID you recorded in step 5 above.

  9. Choose how to launch Zoom: Open zoom.us or Join from your browser.

  10. Enter the Password (if it's not already there).

  11. Click Join.

NOTE: If you forgot to sign into Zoom first:

  1. Click the "SIGN IN" button.

  2. You can either enter your GBCS email and password, or below that click on Sign in with Google.

Zoom Guide for Parents/Students on Mobile Devices

Before you begin

For security, GBCS Zoom meetings with students will require students to login to Zoom with their GBCS email information.

Students can access the meeting via the link or Meeting ID posted in Google Classroom.

When they are redirected to Zoom they must follow the steps below.

Make sure you have the Google Classroom and the Zoom App installed on your device.

Google Classroom

Zoom App

Getting the meeting information from Google Classroom

  1. Open the Google Classroom app.

  2. Find the post about your Zoom meeting.

Click the Meeting link, or

Copy the Meeting ID & Password (if there is one).

The first time you use the Google Classroom app you will be asked to provide access to your microphone and camera. To be seen and heard you must tap OK. You may also be asked about notifications and calendar: these are optional.

  1. Open the Zoom app (this may happen automatically).

  2. Tap Sign In.

  3. Tap on SSO.

  4. Type gbcseagles.org. Then tap Continue.

  5. Enter your GBCS Username and Password.

  6. When prompted to open this page in Zoom, tap OPEN.

  7. There are now two options:

To join with a Meeting ID, tap Join, and then enter the Meeting ID, or

To join with a Meeting Link, switch back to the Google Classroom app and tap the link.

  1. Choose how to connect your audio. To hear others please join audio:

  • Call using Internet Audio

  • Dial In

  • Cancel

NOTE: If you are sharing an iPad, don't forget to logout of Zoom:

  1. Tap the Settings gear.

  2. Tap on your Name.

  3. Tap Sign Out at the bottom of the screen.

Zoom Tips

  1. Waiting Room. Students will be in a waiting room (a white screen) until the teacher admits them.

  2. Join Audio. Choose how to hear and speak during the online meeting. Click the Join Audio button then select Computer Audio or Phone Call.

  3. Mute. If you connect your audio through the computer, click the microphone symbol to mute or unmute yourself.

  4. Video. Participant video may be off by default. If you have permission to turn it on, click Start Video.

  5. Chat. Participants can type a message to your teacher or to everyone in the meeting. Click the Chat icon. When the chat window appears, type your message at the bottom and press the enter/return button on your keyboard.

Google Chrome Guide

Google Chrome is the recommended way for students to access the Internet while doing their school work. Students should login to Google Chrome using their GBCS email account to access their information easier.

Why Sign In?

Signing in to Chrome brings your Grace School installed extensions, your bookmarks, history, and other settings to all your devices (this process is called syncing). Signing into Chrome will automatically sign you into your Google account. You can choose which settings, including passwords, you would like to sync across devices.

If you have multiple students at home, having each one sign in as a different profile makes switching to their own tools and bookmarks very easy.

If you are using a shared public computer (as in a computer lab or at home) to sign into Chrome, be sure to sign out when you are finished to protect your work.

Signing In

  1. Enter your full GBCS email address.

  2. When redirected to the GBCS sign on page, enter your GBCS username and password.

  3. Click Confirm to continue.

  4. When prompted, click the Link Data option.

  5. Click the Yes, I’m In button to sync everything. To choose which items will sync, click the Settings button.

  6. You are now logged in. If you choose to sync extensions and bookmarks, you will notice them loading in your browser.

Signing Out

If you are the only user of a computer you do not need to sign out after every use. However, if you are using a shared computer (e.g., in a computer lab or at home), you MUST sign out to prevent other people from accessing your stored information.