What do we need to get started?

A checklist to prepare your child for this exciting year of hybrid learning.

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  1. Know Your Student’s Email Login Information

In order to access any of the tools, students must know their GBCS email username and password. If your student does not know this information, learn how to have them reset here:

  1. Gather this information: Student name and grade.

  2. A parent or guardian emails this information to their homeroom teacher or to helpdesk@gbcseagles.org.

  3. Upon receipt a new password will be created and sent back to the parent or guardian.

  1. The Chrome Website Browser

At GBCS, Google Chrome is the preferred Internet browser for instructional tools (but Mozilla Firefox or Safari can also be used). Most of our instructional websites function best in Chrome.

If you do not have the Chrome browser installed on your child’s computer or iPad, use the links below. Android devices automatically come with Chrome pre-installed.

  1. Join Google Classroom

Your child(ren) will be welcomed to their teachers’ Google Classroom prior to the start of school. Be sure that your child joins Google Classroom using the directions provided by their teacher. If your child has multiple teachers, he/she/they will be asked to join more than one Google Classroom.

If your child’s teacher has your email address, he/she may also invite you to join their Google Classroom as a guardian. You will receive an email inviting you to Accept “Getting Google Classroom Email Summaries”. Once you accept the invitation, you have the option of getting an email each day or once per week with a summary of all of your child’s work from all Google Classrooms in one email.

More about Guardian Email Summaries