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Bring Your Own Device Information

Minimum Tablet or Laptop hardware specifications

Pretty much all tablets and laptops made these days meet these requirements.

Be sure to put your child's name on it.

Do not buy Amazon Kindle tablets


    • Memory: Recommend a minimum of 16GB of storage on the device. 32GB is even better, but 64GB is really not needed unless you expect to install lots of extra apps.

    • Battery Life: Devices should be expected to last the entire school day (minimum of 5 hours) with normal use (i.e. not continually). Opportunities to charge devices in school are sometimes limited and subject to teacher discretion.

    • Screen Size: At least 7" diagonal for ease of reading online texts assigned to your child in class.


    • Input Devices: Having a keyboard, either as a tablet add-on, or on a laptop, helps when entering lots of text. Laptops usually have track-pads or an external mouse is helpful. Touch screens are not needed so they are completely optional.

    • Wireless Connection: All tablets and laptops have Wi-Fi. Grace uses both 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz Wi-Fi channels, so either or both is acceptable. The protocols we support go up to 802.11n and 802.11ac.

    • A Protective Case is strongly recommended regardless of the device.

    • Screen resolution: 1024x768 pixels is preferred but not required (again, so that your child can easily read the display).

    • Stylus: This is optional, but it does come standard on many tablets, and can be very useful.

    • Headphones / Earbuds: Completely optional, but helps remove distractions and aids concentration

    • Operating System: All of them are acceptable - Android, iOS, Mac OS, Windows, Chrome OS, but not Kindle.

    • Processor: Intel, Atom, etc. 1 GHz or better (hard to find one less than this these days).

    • Warranty: There are accidental damage warranties available from the original manufacturer, or third party companies such as,, etc.

Some Suggested Tablet Manufacturers

  • Lenovo, Apple, Samsung, HP, Dell, ASUS, Toshiba

  • Do not buy Amazon Kindle tablets. They do not work on some of the websites your child will be using in class.

  • Low-cost sources:


  2. (search “Tablets under $300”) (But do not buy Amazon Kindle tablets)