Our Preparations for the new school year

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I would like to give you a few details of what we have already established to provide a safe place to minister to our students by our professional educators.

  1. Webcams have been given to each teacher to allow for instruction from the classroom to distance learning students.

  2. Limiting the size of any classroom to 10 students. Several elementary classes were moved to larger rooms to allow for better social distancing.

  3. Face shields purchased for all faculty/staff.

  4. Desktop air purifiers purchased for all faculty/staff desks.

  5. Spray sanitizer bottles to be refilled in each classroom and utilized throughout the day, desks, touchable surfaces, doors etc.

  6. Touch-less thermometers for all homeroom teachers to take temperatures as students enter.

  7. A special isolation room is now set up for anyone exhibiting signs of COVID-19. A CDC protocol is in place to handle suspected or confirmed cases. These students will be able to continue their instruction uninterrupted.

  8. Touch-less water fountain installed to fill student water bottles. All non- touch-less water fountains will be covered and closed for safety. Read about how these new water fountains will protect your child's health here. No more paying for bottled water!

  9. Plexiglas dividers are provided for areas where social distancing is more difficult. (i.e., small office spaces, the front sign in desk, etc.) We will continually reassess these needs during the school year.

  10. A high-tech touch-less temperature scanning kiosk at the main entrance for all visitors to use as they sign into the building.

  11. Special days have been built into the schedule at the beginning of the school year to train students and parents concerning the special protocols and procedures for the upcoming school year.

  12. A special teacher orientation will be help to allow time for faculty to develop protocols for their individual grades and subjects and to finalize procedures that will enhance COVID-19 protocols in individual rooms and common areas.