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Abigail Brumbaugh

Abiodun Peters

Angela Pernell

Angela Pernell received a Bachelor of Science degree from Coppin State University in Baltimore, MD. She has been teaching off and on since 2003, including 6th grade, 1st grade and preschool. She joined GBCS for the 2016-2017 school term and is teaching 2nd grade.

Title: Elementary Teacher

Email: angela.pernell@gbcseagles.org

Dept.: Education

Tel/Ext.: 431

Athlea Kinyanjui

K3 instructor

Benjamin Smith

Mr. Smith graduated from GBCS in 1999, where he was co-valedictorian of his class. He received his BS degree in Youth Ministry from Nyack College in 2003, and has been working with military first-responders for the last 10 years. He began teaching at GBCS for the 2016-2017 school year. Mr. Smith also assists with the Varsity Boys soccer team.

Title: Middle School Math Teacher

Email: ben.smith@gbcseagles.org

Dept.: Education

Tel/Ext. 466

Beverly Swinson

Bonita Taylor

Mrs. Taylor earned her bachelor’s degree from St. Paul College in 1986, home schooled her children for nine years while running a before and after school program, and did long term subbing for GBCS at both the high school and elementary levels. She joined the faculty for the 2010-2011 school year.

Title: 5th/6th Grade Social Studies and Science Teacher

E-Mail: bonita.taylor@gbcseagles.org

Dept.: Education

Tel/Ext: 446

Carrie Marchand

Pre-K Special Instruction

Celia Arrington

High School English

Collin Savage

Middle School Bible Teacher.

Cynthia Hickson

Cynthia Hickson graduated Summa Cum Laude from Sojourner-Douglas College in 1996. She has been teaching for over 21 years. Her experience includes teaching Spanish, 2nd grade, and is now teaches Pre-Middle School English. In 2001, she earned the Teacher Service Award and Teacher Years of Service Certificates. She joined the GBCS teaching staff in 2003.

Title: Grade 5 Teacher/Intro. to Spanish

E-Mail: cynthia.hickson@gbcseagles.org

Dept.: Education

Tel/Ext: 423

Eurmin Gadson

Eurmin Gadson is a wife, mother, and homeschool teacher who joined the GBCS staff in 2016 as the elementary librarian. She believes she is living her dream job: working with kids and books. With her love of reading, she hopes to motivate students to read more and to broaden their knowledge about people groups, places, and things in the world. She earned a degree from University of the District of Columbia in Mass Media and has experience working at another private school library in Largo.

Title: Elementary Librarian

Email: eurmin.gadson@gbcseagles.org

Dept.: Education

Tel/Ext.: 338

George Kinyanjui

George Kinyanjui graduated from Free Gospel Bible Institute, Export, PA, with a Pastoral Diploma and Teacher’s Education Diploma (Evangelical Teacher’s Association). He earned a BBE (Bachelors of Biblical Education) and ThB (Bachelors of Theology) respectively from Carver College, Atlanta, GA. He attended graduate school at Capital Bible Seminary in Lanham, MD, earning a Master’s degree (M.A.) in Theology.

Mr. Kinyanjui taught for several years at local Christian schools, public school systems, and at the College of Southern Maryland as an adjunct professor before he joined the staff here at GBCS for 2015-2016.

Title: High School Bible Teacher

Email: george.kinyanjui@gbcseagles.org

Dept.: Education

Tel/Ext.: 409

Joyce Rivers

Karen McClure

Mrs. McClure graduated with a BS degree from Strayer College in 1990. She did extensive substitute teaching at GBCS and joined the staff as a full time teacher for the 2007-2008 school year.

Title: Grade 1 Teacher

E-Mail: karen.mcclure@gbcseagles.org

Dept.: Education

Tel/Ext: 407

Katherine Mack

Mrs. Mack graduated from the University of Maryland in 1993 with a BS degree in Computer Science. She has experience working in government and industry. She joined the staff in 2008.

Title: High School and Middle School Computer/Technology Teacher

E-Mail: kathy.mack@gbcseagles.org

Dept.: Education

Tel/Ext: 400

Kathy Painter

Keith Childress


Kenneth Worley

Middle School Bible

Kendra Stroman

Mrs. Stroman graduated from Washington Bible College with a BS in elementary education. She did her student teaching at GBCS during the 2008-2009 school year and joined the staff for the 2011-2012 term.

Title: K5 Teacher

E-Mail: kendra.stroman@gbcseagles.org

Dept.: Education

Tel/Ext: 477

Kira Mohler

Miss Kira Mohler graduated magna cum laude from Liberty University in 2011 with a degree in English. She completed her student teaching at GBCS under the guidance of Mrs. Sue Jones, and she is joining the teaching staff for the 2011-2012 school year.

Title: MS English Teacher

E-Mail: kira.mohler@gbcseagles.org

Dept.: Education

Tel/Ext: 404

Norma Conklin

Miss Conklin received her BA degree in Elementary and Early Childhood Education from Villa Marie College. She has been teaching since 1986. Additionally, she is the assistant cheerleading coach and is involved in youth ministries at Grace Brethren Church.

Title: Grade 3 Teacher

E-Mail: norma.conklin@gbcseagles.org

Dept.: Education

Tel/Ext: 406

Prince Frimpong II

Health and Boys Physical Education

Rachel DePaulo

Mrs. DePaulo attended GBCS from K5 through grade 12. She earned a BS degree from the University of Maryland in 2005 and completed a Master’s degree in Curriculum & Instruction from McDaniel College in 2011. Before joining the staff as a resource teacher in January 2006, she worked as a summer camp counselor, substitute teacher, and day care worker. She also did two internships at Brandywine Elementary School.

Title: Grade Level Chair/K5 Teacher/K3-K5 Chapels

E-Mail: rachel.depaulo@gbcseagles.org

Dept.: Education

Tel/Ext: 473

Rachael Savage

HS Science Teacher.

Rebekah Woods

Mrs. Woods graduated magna cum laude from Eastern Nazarene College with a BA Degree in Elementary Education and from the Eastern Nazarene College in 1993, and received her MA degree from University of Phoenix in Curriculum Instruction and Design in 2008. She taught for 11 years in Massachusetts and Germany. The former Miss Rieder joined the staff of GBCS in 2004.

Title: Art Teacher, Sign Language Teacher

E-Mail: rebekah.woods@gbcseagles.org

Dept.: Education

Tel/Ext: 427

Reggie Moore

Mr. Moore is a fitness enthusiast above all else.

His academic background, however, came from his degree in Engineering focusing on Aerospace. After years of substitute teaching, tutoring, and teaching home-school classes he found his passion was truly in teaching and inspiring future generations into men and women of excellence representing Christ in all walks of life.

The passion for fitness come in many forms though. Mr. Moore participates in activities, such as: martial arts, bouldering, hiking, snowboarding, cross training, gymnastics, soccer, basketball, parkour, football, and if there is a new opportunity to try something different it will soon be added to the list.

Formerly a PE and Health teacher for grades, 6th through high school. Mr. Moore desires to inspire and pass on as much of his passion as he can to all of his students.

Title: Math Teacher

Email: reggie.moore@gbcseagles.org

Renee Conaway

2nd Grade

Roxana Colon

Samuel Odenyo

Sharon Loufik

Mrs. Loufik graduated magna cum laude and received her BA degree in Foreign Language from Millersville State University and Philipps Universität, in Marburg, West Germany. She received her MA degree from the Capital Bible Seminary. She received her Teaching English as a Foreign Language Certification (TEFL) through the Peace Corps in Africa. She has been teaching since 1990. In addition to coordinating the Home School Program, Mrs. Loufik teaches French. She joined the GBCS staff in 1999.

Title: Home School Director/French II Teacher

E-Mail: sharon.loufik@gbcseagles.org

Dept.: Education

Tel/Ext: 329

Stefanie Williamson

Mrs. Williamson graduated as the valedictorian of her class from Washington Bible College with a BA in Elementary Education and Biblical Studies in 2012. Previously, she earned an AA degree in Tourism Management from Hochschule Harz University in Germany. She did her student teaching at GBCS and joined the staff for the 2012-2013 school year.

Title: 5th & 6th Grade Bible Teacher/German Teacher

E-Mail: stefanie.williamson@gbcseagles.org

Dept.: Education

Tel/Ext: 447

Steve Young

Mr. Young earned his degree in history from Liberty University in 1999. He taught at GBCS from 2005-2010 and left to take some college and graduate school classes. He rejoined the staff at GBCS for the 2013-2014 school. Currently, he is coaching middle school girls’ soccer.

Title: MS Social Studies & Drama Teacher

E-Mail: steve.young@gbcseagles.org

Dept.: Education

Tel/Ext: 441

Teyah Conaway